Our Mission

Inspire, Encourage, and Empower the youth of Long Island to pursue their dreams. Our Goal is to give kids the opportunity to explore their passions, showcase their abilities, and achieve great success no matter what obstacle they might face. By sending kids to notable camps and extracurricular activities we hope to put them in a position to excel, help better their futures, and allow them to pursue what they love.

This 4 Youth Foundation is a Long Island, New York based non-profit organization, launched in 2019 dedicated to support young men and women to pursue what they love no matter what lies ahead of them. From a young age kids begin to develop a passion which then grows into something much bigger, "a dream." Unfortunately, some kids do not have all the resources it takes to do this on their own. Our team is determined to turn these dreams into a reality, to inspire these kids into believing in themselves, and help them to persevere when experiencing adversity. A little support can go along way, which is why we are dedicated to develop a program that motivates and empowers the youth of our community. No dream is out of reach and if you put your mind to it, anything can be accomplished!